Saturday, August 14, 2010

Busy Saturday

Ah, the weekend. Why must it go so quickly?  This morning I followed my usual routine, stumble out of be and head straight for the coffee pot. After my first cup of coffee, I was surprisingly wired and ready for what the day had to hold! Jeff and I did a little wedding band shopping today. Since the big day is nearing we figured we should probably get an idea of style and cost so we can start saving. We found a few options but man, those jewelry people are piranhas! I made it very clear that we were not there to buy, just look. But they kept pressing. Finally I had to take my "big girl" voice to them. But, they gotta make a living too right? Then we went to pick out some luggage.  We really don't have any suitable luggage for a long trip away so this was certainly necessary for honeymooning purposes. Let me tell you, T.J.Maxx is the way to go. I still have the jingle stuck in my head.  Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta  T.J.Maxx!! Yep, this is where Travelnistas become Maxxinisatas. We picked up some fancy Columbia luggage and saved 520 bucks! Now that is a deal! 

So, to continue on with my fabulous day of shopping, I stopped off at Jo Ann's to pick up some supplies to make my just married banner. I also swung by the store for some fresh strawberries. My grandmothers birthday is tomorrow.  After thinking hard about what to get her, I figured, what do you really get someone that has everything already? Well, make some jam and whole wheat bread---and that is exactly what I did.

I had the opportunity to use my new Cuisinart mini food processor that I acquired at the wedding shower last week.  Man, let me tell you, I felt like such and idiot when trying to manipulate this tiny machine. I have never used a food processor before (yeah, I know) and it took me half an hour how to figure out how to use this one! I mean really, I can use a lawn mower but I can't figure out this thing? I even thought it was broken at first, ha! No, I later discovered that was an operator error. So, in the process of figuring out how to use it, I made a huge mess.

But, after my first attempt at making strawberry jam, it turned out rather well. I used a Martha recipe.  

I broke out the bread machine again and made a whole wheat loaf to go along with the bread. Placed it all in a basket and there you go! 

Then, after that little project, I started working on my just married banner.  It is pretty simple to make so I am not quite sure why I feel the need to make a tutorial, probably just really wanted to document the process. :-)

I used brown burlap to make the flags and cut a triangle out of a piece of craft paper for the pattern.  I got a sharpie and started tracing! 

Then I used my Gingher pinking shears to help keep the burlap from fraying and got to cutting.

I used my alphabet stencil set and lavender fabric paint to stencil on the letters. I measured 4 inches from the tip of the triangle to place the letter.

The letter stenciling has been the most time consuming so far but it was fun. 

The letters are taking a little while to dry so, for now I am taking a break and will continue my banner making documentary tomorrow!  Stay tuned! 

Cheers and Happy Weekend! 



Rebecca said...

I'm sure your Grandma will LOVE her birthday gift! And I can't wait to see how the Just Married sign comes out. Where will you hang it?

Liz said...

I am actually going to hang the banner right above the cake. I think it will be cute there! :-)

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