Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Every spring I really enjoy perking up my gardens. I have one in the front yard that is mainly a shade garden and then one in the back yard underneath my kitchen window is full sun. It takes a lot of work but lately I have found much joy in it. It allows me to think or not to think. It is just a great time to de-stress. So, over the past few weeks I have been getting the soil prepped. I have a pesky ant problem but a bit of diatomaceous earth fixes that problem in just a few days. So, I laid down a layer of diatomaceous earth in both beds. Then a few days to help my soil out a bit I added fish emollient. Now, this stuff STINKS! It smells like a dirty fish tank. Blah! But, this dirty fish tank smell works wonder for the soil. I planted new plants and moved a few others around to keep things fresh and healthy. Then a few days after that I laid down a layer of Moo-nuer and cypress mulch on top of that. 

This weekend my sister and I went to Jo-Ann's because they were having a good sale and they tend to have cute yard ornaments. I was able to get 2 nice wind chimes and a few other cute little decorations for the yard.  

Over the past few weeks I have collected an assortment of veggies and herbs from the farmers market and Home Depot. So, now in my Kitchen window garden, which has been my main focus, I have growing daisies, rose geranium, tarragon, mums, and red hot pokers...all from years past. New things I have growing are diva cucumbers (I need to make a trellis when they start growing), parsley, strawberries, bell peppers, jalapenos, and palmer tomatoes.  

So, here is my backyard "kitchen window' garden re-vamp:

can you see Cedella peeking out the window at the ornament? 

The back yard is still a W.I.P.  My plan is to spray paint the patio furniture and I would love to screen it in! But we will see about that! 

I can't wait until my veggies start growing. There is something so satisfying about being able to cut something from your garden to cook with!

I don't have pictures of my front yard garden because I am still working on it. The plants in that garden have been their for years. I have rosemary, thyme, sage growing along with an assortment of bulb flowers, dusty miller, and columbine. I had the most wonderful lavender plant growing but it died during the winter storms we had here in February. Ah, my heart breaks over it! So, I am on the search for another lavender plant and some basil! 

Cheers everyone and happy gardening! 


Melissa said...

Nice post Lizzie. By coincidence, we both titled our blogs today the same thing. How funny!

Liz said...

Ha! Great minds think alike. That is funny! :-)

Little Wren said...

What a great way to de-stress Liz! Let's see... now if I can just get you to come grow a couple of gardens for me.... :)

Rebecca@This Present Life said...

The garden looks great! I'm anxiously awaiting our first "crops" :)

CK said...

Oh, this looks SOOO good! I don't see one weed in there! Great job!

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