Friday, April 1, 2011

In The Moment

So, following once again in my sister's footsteps, I have decided to make Friday my "In The Moment" blog day. Even when I was a kid I wanted to do anything she did. Seems that at the ripe age of 32 I am still doing that! Don't get a big head about it now sissy! 

Anyhoo, I recently purchased the same camera that my sister did along with the same accessories. You see, I have been wanting to purchase a Cannon EOS but it was a different version than my sister wanted so I decided to go ahead and continue to be her Twinkie. So, yes, there is much validation that even at my ripe age of 32, I still want to do what she does! I am so silly! Ha! So, I introduce you to my new camera, oh how I love it! The Cannon EOS Rebel XS:

Now, with that said. I have taken my "In The Moment" picture with my new camera. So here it the moment.

This picture was taken at the cemetery where my Papa is buried. We had a picnic there the day after his funeral. It was a beautiful day and very peaceful.


1 comment:

Little Wren said...

Beautiful camera! I look forward to future "in the moment" pictures. :)

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