Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marching Around Town

This morning I woke up bright and early for the March of Dimes March for Babies. Some of the girls from work and I decided we would walk in honor of a friend who's baby died in September. It was also nice to walk for my own family who has experienced the loss of a little one. It is amazing how many premature babies are born everyday. I guess I am more aware of this now since I work in a NICU. What technology, doctors, and nurses are able to do for these little tiny people on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me. There was quite a turn out, tons of people. All the girls I walked with have amazingly long and seemingly quick legs. Me on the other hand, not so much. Short legs here with a very short stride. They smoked me! So, my sweet intern stayed back and walked with me as I moved my short little legs as fast as they could go! She has long legs like the rest of them but I guess she wanted a passing grade from her field instructor so she did not mind staying behind! :-) But, I feel refreshed and am glad that I was able to walk for a great cause. It was such a  beautiful morning!

After my walk I was famished. Funny how walking makes me hungry. All I could think about was food. Maybe I could have moved faster if someone was dangling food in front of me on the path. Hm, come to think of it, whale watching makes me hungry too, I needed a steak after that! I guess there is a correlation with outdoor activities making me hungry. But, anyhoo...since it was a bit too early for me to have a steak, I wandered over the the Black Rooster Bakery to pick up a fun little lunch to take home. This is a fantastic bakery. You feel like you are right smack in the middle of a French bakery. Not that I have ever been to France before but when I do go I imagine that this place is what the bakeries will look like there! The people in the bakery are so nice too and it smells wonderful! Ah, fresh baked bread in the morning. This place could be addicting for me. After I picked up the sandwiches (turkey, Gruyere, and marinated tomato) and the pecan pie bar I could not resist (but I burned like 2, 000 calories walking so what the heck right?), I went over to Zoe's, for fresh fruit and pasta salad to go along with the sandwiches. I also got some hibiscus tea for myself. I absolutely love hibiscus tea!

 After I had all the necessities for lunch I slipped in to Barnes and Noble to get a copy of Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail. She has a blog too. My sister had this book with her when she came to visit and I love it! It's an easy and fun read about urban gardening. Just looking at the cover of it makes me happy for some reason. It is very inspirational. 

Now, speaking of hibiscus tea, I made a pot of my own. This is the real stuff too. I have Jamaican Hibiscus flowers that I got this past summer in New Mexico. It has a bit of a more earthy flavor too it, if that is at all possible, but it wonderful! 

So, all I did was boil some water and dump in the flowers...

...let it simmer for a verrrrry long time...

...and then poured it into a little tea pitcher, added ice, and viola...enjoy! This is really good stuff!

So, other things I did today was set off my house alarm. I set  the alarm when I laid down to take a nap after my walk today. Then, I got up, turned on the music for a little house cleaning motivation, and let my dog out. The sounds from the music muted the alarm beeping to my ears. So, meanwhile, I am outside watering my garden and playing with Millie while inside my phone is ringing several times because the alarm company is calling to check on me. I walk inside the house, hear the alarm freaking out, run to my phone to see missed calls and messages from my alarm company, frantically call the alarm company to tell them I am an idiot but, they tell me they already dispatched a police officer (which is johnny on the spot customer service if you ask me!). I asked to cancel the dispatch but, unfortunately, not in enough time because seconds later a rather lovely cop shows up to my house to ask if I am OK. At this moment I am so frigging embarrassed while standing on my front porch in my pajamas (which fortunately were very cute) telling my little story while very apologetic to the lovely little cop for my idiotic lapse in cognitive ability. But it is nice to know, if I need to be rescued for whatever the purpose, the cops will show up in exactly 3 minutes! Now that is service!

Maybe I should go back to bed. Obviously my brain is malfunctioning! 


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