Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday In Victoria

We woke up to another beautiful day.  Breakfast were danishes from the local bakery and then Dieter made eggs and sausage to go along with it, yum!  

I love the cozy little breakfast nook where we eat each morning.

Then, after breakfast we went whale watching. We first came upon sea lions. They were hilarious! I love the sound they make.  At one point they all turned and stared at us from their rock almost as if they were wondering why we were staring at them.  Then, simultaneously, they all jumped in the water! 

Here is a little video I shot of them.

It was such a beautiful day to be on the water.  The wind was calm and the sky was clear.  We were out there for about 4 hours.  Here are some of the shots I took on our tour.

Then, as we were boating, we got word of humpback whale sightings. So, Dieter navigated us there.  There were 3 humpback whales that we saw.  Maybe a little whale family?  We sat and watched them for a while. Then the most amazing thing happened!  They dove down under the water and we did not see them for several minutes. Then...all of a sudden, they came up out of the water right in front of our boat and then swam aside us! We could not believe it!  I'm telling you, this had to have been the best whale watching moment ever!  Cheers to Captain Dieter the rock star! There were about 5 other boats around us whale watching too.  I am sure they were a little envious of our luck!

I loved being in the boat. It was great.  This place truly is amazing.  I don't think I want to leave.  We are discovering so much here.  What a beautiful place to live too.  Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. It is just perfect.

Dieter recommended that we go to Milestones for dinner.  It was great.  A good steak and potatoes kind of place.

Ashley recommended the Bellini and I took that advice.  Their Bellini's come with a little red shoe on top.  Cute. 



Scraps said...

Ooooh, that Danish is making me hungry this morning ;-)

That's so cool about the whale-watching!

And was that bellini frozen?

Taos Sunflower said...

I am loving your travel log and photos. Thanks for sharing everything!

Liz said...

Thanks for your comments! It was a fantastic place to visit and I wish I were there now!

The whale watching was breathtaking...and yep, the bellini was frozen :-)

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