Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Leaving Victoria

We are very sad to leave today.  Our Innkeeper, Dieter, made a fantastic breakfast this morning.  He called it Heavenly Hash. Oh, and it was heavenly! A great last breakfast. I will miss having breakfast every morning with Dieter and Ashley. 

After Jeff and I got all packed up, we stopped at the beach one last time.

Oh the way to the airport we passed a pumpkin patch. I wanted to stop and get one but I probably would have had to check it for an extra $25.00.

Going through U.S. customs was very different. It was easy to get out of the U.S. but to get  back in was a bit different. We did not have any problems but the whole process was bit Erie.  Then, we had to catch about 4 different trolley's to get to our terminal. When we got to our terminal our flight had been delayed because there was bad weather in DFW.  

But, everything was redeemed because we had a bigger and better plane and I had a Northwest Deli Picnic on the plane full of all my favorite things! Oh, and a little bit of wine too!  The picnic had summer sausage, crackers, some fancy sugary coated almonds, chips, and shortcake. It hit the spot! 

 Jeff and I sat next to the emergency exit so it was our responsibility to make sure everyone made it out of the plane securely should there be any issues. I figured this was not too bad of an arrangement for us because we would be the first out! I think I am always going to get seats next to the emergency exit! 

Well, I guess it is home to reality now. I had a fantastic time living life care free. It is not often that that happens.  Thanks to all that helped with the wedding and getting us to and from the airport. It was a very special time!



Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

Beautiful photos! Glad you had a wonderful time.

Liz said...

Oh I did! Thank you! It is a beautiful place, the photos just don't do it justice!

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