Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday In Victoria

This morning we had fruit and french toast for breakfast. I am an idiot and forgot to put the battery back in my camera so I did not get a shot of it but is sure was delicious! After a nice conversation over breakfast with our Innkeeper, Dieter, Jeff and I headed off for a day trip.  We plugged in the Ipod, put the Beatles on, and got to driving.

We headed out to Port Renfrew but stopped along the Jordan River first. It was beautiful!  I absolutely love the sound of the water hitting the shore. Oh, and the smell is fantastic. Something that is unheard of and smelled of in Texas.

I have to admit. Port Renfrew kind of creeped me out.  There was absolutely no one around because everything was closed, not their season now I guess.  But, this deserted town kind of gave me the feeling that the evil red head vampire from Twilight was going to jump out of the water or the trees and suck our blood. Jeff was all about it though. Then, when I finally came to and realized that Twilight was just a movie, I calmed down had a blast.

We found a trail in Port Renfrew that led to the beach. This beach was beautiful and the trail was amazing too.  There were huge slugs along the trail too.  Everyone that we came across as we were hiking was very friendly.  The hike was so much fun! 

There were several slugs on this little hike.

When we got down to the beach, there was a sign warning people not to get too close.  There are warning signs all over Canada.  This is a pretty informative place! 

After Port Renfrew, since there was not much else to do, we drove to China Beach.  There was a long and steep trail that lead to the beach. Along the way there were plenty mossy trees. It was amazing! 

Once we got to the beach there was drift wood everywhere.  I even had an encounter with a snake!  I almost stepped on this snake.  He was about to let me have it too.  He was tiny but he hissed and lunged at me in full on attack mode! 

After a long day of hiking and beaching, we had dinner at Markus' Restauraunt. It was delicious! I would have taken a picture, but sparring Jeff utter mortification, I did not.  The atmosphere was romantic and the service was great.  An excellent place to have a honeymoon celebration dinner. 

Yet again, another fun day in BC! 


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