Sunday, October 17, 2010

Honeymoon Time!!

Victoria, here we come!

(flying over Vail, Colorado.  I got to sit by the window.)

The weather was beautiful for a flight, praise all that is pure and good! I am not a big fan of flying but think I may be a pro at it now. Finding this gate, landing and going to that gate, landing and going through customs. Really, it was not so bad. I even took a little nap on the plane to Seattle!  There was only about 20 minutes total of turbulence on the flight and only one air pocket.

From DFW we flew into Seattle, very nice airport by the way, and the hopped on a prop plane.  I actually had to walk out to the tarmac and walk up the steps to the plane! That was a new experience.  I knew we would be flying over the ocean but when the flight attendant told us that our seat cushion can be used as a flotation device in case of emergency, things kind of sunk in for me so to speak. I made sure to pay attention when she was explaining all of that. She was a rather attractive woman and had all the hand motions down (just like Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune), describing where the restroom was located, emergency exits, and how to use your seat belt and seat cushion. I looked over at Jeff and we chuckled. The plane was LOUD because I was sitting next to the propellers and it was also really rough. But, not as bad as I thought it would be.

Then finally, after picking up our car rental and navigating our way through Victoria, we arrived at our destination (with a little help from our GPS system).

There is a sheep farm next door, it is funny to hear them baaaaaaa, while sitting on the balcony.

After we settled in, we enjoyed a bit of wine, cheese, summer sausage, and crackers on the balcony.  The weather is so pretty and it is nice and chilly, just the way I like it.

Then I gave Jeff his wedding gifts.  This would be considered phase 3. I accidentally skipped over phase was a scarf I spun and knitted for my mom but we will get to that :-)

(socks to keep his feet warm while we are in Victoria)

(the alpaca scarf that I spun and knitted, also to keep him warm while in Victoria!)

Then, after we settled in for a bit, we headed off to Six Mile Pub for dinner. It was fantastic.

We had Shepherd's Pie 

and Guinness Mac n' Cheese. They were served in cute little cast iron skillets!  

Then, we went back to the B&B and crashed!



    Scraps said...

    That's an interesting shepherd's pie---looks like chilli topped with mashed potatoes (which is not a bad idea, come to think of it!).

    Liz said...

    Ha, you are right! It does look like chili with mashed potatoes! But...fortunately, it did taste like shepherd's pie. Although, I have to agree, the chili with potatoes is not a bad idea at all! Thanks for the comment!

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