Monday, August 15, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

I know I have been MIA lately from blogging. There has been a lot going on with my family so I kinda lost my creative gusto for a bit. But, I feel the creative bug has bit me again, especially since it is time to start crafting for Christmas! 

I have been thinking about about the fall and winter months because it has been so unbearably hot here! It has been so hot that my spoiled animals that normally relax on the bed or couch have been laying on the hardwood floor because it is cooler there. I may need to do that myself come to think of it. It has been so hot that my wonderful cucumber vine was only able to produce 4 cucumbers before the rest of them shriveled up and died. So did my pumpkin vine that was growing so well. I guess that is what happens when you have plants growing in full sun in the 110 degree temps.  Next year I will start growing a bit sooner and take extra precautions to keep them sheltered from this scorching heat.  It has been so hot and dry my grass is a very interesting dried up shade of orange. Something  have never experienced before. 

So, what is one to do in the heat? Redecorate! I have been working on this for several weeks but it all came to fruition this weekend after I painted the room. I love it!  Here are the before photos of my previously drab bedroom:

Yep, pretty bad, I know!

And for the after:

To start things out, we got a new mattress. Good-bye circa 1980's mattress. You served us very well but some things will always need to be upgraded and a mattress is one of them. I have been sleeping like a baby ever since!

I also made a headboard. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I think it adds a lot to the room. I don't know why I did not do thins sooner. It not in my budget right now to buy a fancy bed frame but I think this headboard will do quite nicely for a while.  I will post a tutorial on it tomorrow. It was super easy to make. 

New lamp from T.J. Maxx!

My mom painted this picture when she was in either high school or college. I love it and it goes with the colors of the room perfectly! I decided to hang it on the wall above my bedside table. I think it is perfect there.

This picture my Uncle took in Crested Butte, Colorado. I have the other 2 that go with this picture hanging in my bathroom. They are so beautiful and remind me of happy times. I had it hung somewhere else in the room before but I think it is better under this little shelf. I picked up a nice blue tea light holder at Target on clearance so I put it on top of this little shelf. It is a bit hard to see it though. 

Ah, my curtains. It it is amazing how much curtains will do to a room. I'm telling you, curtains are the bomb. What is even more bomb is that I got these curtains from the Family Dollar for 10 bucks a panel. Thank you very much. 

I put my shadow boxed back in the same place and had to display the cake topper my sister made for my wedding. I love it and it will always be a piece of art in my house.  The decorative piece of wood with "love" on it my dad made. He was a wood shop teacher before he became a bit time business man! I love that this room incorporates the artistic side of different members of my family. 

I moved these candle holders from over the bed to the dresser. I need to add a picture or decal to complete this, however, for now it will do.

Ziggy enjoys the new bed and bed linens. 

All new bed linens for my new mattress and headboard thanks to Bed Bath and Beyond.  I want to put something on the wall above the bed but I have not found that perfect thing yet. When I do I will post. 

I used Silver Drop paint from Behr. It was actually my mom's idea. She thought it would compliment the hall and living room that I painted French Gray a few months back. She was right. It looks great I think! Sorry the lighting is a little off in these pictures. I have a fancy camera that I still don't know how to use properly! :-)



Little Wren said...

Looks amazing Liz! Great job. I would never have thought to make my own headboard but yours looks fantastic. :)

Wild Violets said...

LOOOOVVEE the new paint color. The bed linens are fabooo tooo! I did not know that Daddy made the love sign! That is so cool. Love you. Miss you

Liz said...

thank you! I am happy with the way it turned out. I think it is nice and cozy now.

Liz said...

Ha, meant cozy and nice.

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