Saturday, August 20, 2011

Market Weekend

Friday, I split work the minute the clock struck 4:30 and headed straight to the Hatch Chile Festival at Central Market. I look forward to this every year. There are tons of Hatch Chile's to choose from among tons of Hatch Chile Foods...breads, cakes, fajitas, quiches, meatloaf, crab cakes, risotto cakes, and the list goes on.

I stuffed my face with several of my food items before I could get a shot of them but there are 2 things I cannot live without when I go to the Fest...

Hatch Chile Scones and....

 Hatch Chile Chocolate Brownie! Yum!

Today, I went with my parents to the Cowtown Farmer's Market. I always head straight for La Latte Dairy.  They have the best goat cheese ever. I picked up some onions and split squash with my mom.

Here is a shot of my veggies and the Hatch Chile's! I am going to roast the Chile's, chop them up, and freeze some for later use. 

Something else I cannot resist from the Market are the tamales from Hot Tamales. They are to die for!

Jeff ate practically all 12 of them by himself! 

After the Market we stopped into Amaryllis. It is a great plant shop right next to the Market. The store owner is so nice and come to find out her daughter-in-law is a Social Worker!  She is very knowledgeable on her plants, has great deals, and some great succulents

I picked up a combo pot for my Grandmother that is very cute!

For myself (of course I could not resist) I got a cute Fittonia.  All I need to do is plant it.

The Fittonia is going to take the place of the succulent I had in this pot that actually shriveled up and died because it could not take the heat. Now, I thought that was unheard of! It is almost impossible to kill as succulent! 

To finish the day off, a bit of knitting and a girlie movie! 


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