Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Things

Handmade things are happy things. I love handmade gifts that have thought and meaning behind them. Today, a good friend, "J", stopped by to bring us a gift.  He is extremely talented and made us 2 gorgeous shelves out of wooden wine boxes. Our other good friend "H" is a Sommelier and apparently has access to many wooden wine boxes. So, very talented "J" turns trash into treasure.  He even hung them for me!

Fancy wine box #1; a nice spice rack for the kitchen:

 I love the detail that he added inside the shelf.

 He also added this cute little shelf that I put my vintage pigs on.

 Fancy wine box #2; a nice shelf for my newly remodeled bedroom:

A side view with the original wine box rope handle. 

There is actually a hidden shelf with a sliding door! This is the part that the wine bottle was package in. 

I took down what I had there before and put in another place in the room because I though this fancy wine box shelf fit there perfectly!

So, today is a happy day, thank you J! I told him he needs to sell them on Etsy!



Little Wren said...

He does lovely work! What thoughtful gifts too. Those would be beautiful additions to any home!

Liz said...

Thank you! I am super excited about it. I keep going in each room and looking at them.

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