Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Fun With Violet!

My sister and niece are visiting for a little while so Violet spent the day with me.We started out with lunch at the Food Park

She loaded her burger from Fred's (which has been on Diners Drive Ins and Dives) up with mayo and ketchup. 

I decided to have my lunch from the Butcher's Son and had the Santa Fe Sunset (because I can't pass anything up with the words "Santa Fe" in it). It was more than I expected and I have never had anything like it. Yum! The Butcher's Son is my new favorite food truck. I ate every last bite and I have no guilt, seriously.

After the food park we went shopping! Violet is a great little shopper too! She takes after her Aunt Lizzie.I taught her how to buy different pieces of clothing that she can mix and match to make several different outfits. Granddaddy is taking her to the golf tournament tomorrow at the club so we had to make sure she had a few cute new outfits to choose from. We also got her a new pair of converse and some cute little sandals...and a glamorous pair of sunglasses to accessorize her outfits with! 

After a full afternoon of shopping that wore us out we came back to my house and watched the Bee Movie.

Then after a visit over to Mimi and Granddaddy's for dinner, she decided that she wanted to come back over to her Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Fee's house to spend the night. So, we watched a few episodes of Duck Dynasty (which she loves and thinks is hilarious), read the Truffle Hunter, and went to bed!


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Wild Violets said...

So glad that Violet has a fun Auntie like you! Love you

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