Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

How are you spending your 4th of July today? I am fortunate to be off of work. I slept in, drank several cups of coffee watching Bravo (my shameless addiction), and went shopping for supplies for a little project I will post very soon! We are going to a friends house for a fiesta later this afternoon. But, here is a little refreshing drink recipe to help you celebrate the holiday!

Watermelon Cucumber Granita:

Its so very simple. Since the watermelon and cucumber naturally have a lot of moisture in them, you won't need to add water AND...since they both have naturally great flavors you won't need to add sugar either! So, this is one guiltless pleasure of a beverage!

You will need:  
One small seedless watermelon-cut into small pieces
One cucumber, seeded, and skinned-cut into small pieces
The zest of one lemon
Lemon juice to taste

In a blender put your chopped watermelon, cucumber, lemon juice (about 2 tablespoons of the pre-squeezed kind) and lemon zest. Blend until liquid.

Pour in a baking dish that is safe for the freezer and place in the freezer for about 3 hours or until completely frozen. About every 45 minutes or so scrape with a fork so you don't have one solid block. 

When it is completely frozen and nice and fluffy pour into a glass and enjoy!! If you want to jazz it up to make a refreshing cocktail you can add a shot of rum or your choice of liquor.

You can make many different variations. My sister and I messed around with a recipe on my visit. We made Watermelon Basil Granita and it was delish! If you want to be festive you could half the watermelon, scoop out the contents to leave the watermelon shell and pour it back in when its frozen. Tons of ideas!

Cheers and Happy 4th! 

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