Monday, July 23, 2012

Smooth Like Buttuh

"On our toast or on a muffin, 
Butter's what we spread.
It can go on popcorn too,
Or vegetables instead."

Yes folks, I quoted Barney. Let's move along. What's better than butter? It goes in practically everything and Paula Deen even fries it. But, since the real stuff is not that great for your arteries, I try to stay away from it and use olive oil when cooking instead. But, sometimes yah just ghotta have some buttuh. So, to compromise, I use Smart Balance. I like it. So that works. I present, "healthy" herbed butter. Easy as pie and almost as good :)

All you need is: 
Butter (or a healthy butter option of your choice)
Freshly Chopped Herbs
Butter Jar

I took fresh cuts of Rosemary and Thyme from my garden and finely chopped them. You could use any combination you would like. I almost added garlic chives but decided just to keep it simple since Rosemary and Thyme are so potent anyway. After you chop the herbs churn together with the butter to make it nice and whipped. Put it in your jar or container and you are good to go! You can spread it on just about anything. Mr. Lucas and I spread it on the steaks we cooked tonight for a nice kick in flavor. Spread it on your toast or biscuit in the morning for breakfast, cook with it, add it to your favorite cut of meat or even tofu (with a vegan butter). Possibilities are endless.


1 comment:

Wild Violets said...

Wow!! That is a great idea!! Good hostess gift. Lol!! You quoted Barney!

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