Sunday, November 11, 2012

Impromptu Pigs

So, Sundays around the Lucas house hold consist primarily of football. I, however, do not partake in this event. I have learned that I do not speak in the living room while football is on and walking in front of the TV is forbidden. I have also learned that when bad words are spoken they are not directed at me. Rather, only directed at the TV station and the computer station where the fantasy football is monitored regularly throghout the day. I have learned to carry on my day with no question. I have learned that I am free to do whatever I see fit on Sunday, as long as I do not disturb the system of manhood in the living room. I am okay with that. I have also learned that the man being in the living room will eat pretty much anything I feed it since it does not get off the couch at all during this sacred time.

As I was chatting with my sis via skype, she suggested that pigs in a blanket fair well as a nice sporty appitizer. I didn't really have the makings for I thought. No little smokies and not the proper ingredients to make a nice dough. But, alas, I discovered I did have some turkey kielbasa and some grands biscuits. The man beings tastebuds will likely respond to this! I just cut the turkey keilbasa down to somewhat of a little smokey size, added some great cheese from Trader Joe's and wrapped those suckers up with the buiscuit dough and there you have it. Impromptu pigs in a blanket. That equals a happy manhood system in the living room.


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