Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Swapping Fun

I recently entered a swap on craftster a few weeks ago. Swaps are so much fun. I received my swap package from my partner today. Wow, she is absolutely fantastic. The bag she made for me is perfect. I am going on a trip to visit my sister next week and I will most certainly be using this bag to carry along a little road trip crafting supplies.

She used colors that I love together, red and turquoise. She also sewed little beads on the bag..such a nice touch to detail.

On each side of the bag she added little read heart buttons. I am telling you...such attention to detail! ;-)

I love the bamboo handles too. Every time I go in Jo Ann's I walk past the bamboo handles and admire them. Now, I have my own bag made with them.

Swaps are so much fun. I highly recommend them if you have not tried it. Just go right over here and sign up to be a member of craftster and then you are all set! I am still working on the bag for my partner. After she receives it I will post pictures but just in case she takes a look at my blog, I don't want to ruin the fun!

I have also been working on a few bags for myself well, because a girl just can't have too many bags. I went to this fantastic fabric store in town called Cabbage Rose and purchased Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner fabric. I first went with my sister when she was in town visiting. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Then a few days later, I went back with my friend and she showed me the most important part of the store that I completely missed the first time I went in, the sale room. I got a lot of Anna Maria fabric on sale for a steal!!! So exciting. I had my eye on the Joel Dewberry sparrows fabric the first time I was there with my sister. So, of course when I went in the next time I had to purchase it. I am saving it for something special because the fabric is beautiful.

This is what I made with the Amy Butler fabric using an Amy Karol pattern. I love the way it turned out.

I also used some of the Anna Maria fabric I had to make a pleated purse. I kinda like how it turned out but I am certainly going to re-vamp it and make it much better. First shot at it, not so bad.

I still have some other things in the works and will be posting again soon. For now, I need to go finish cooking up my chicken Cesar salad! Yum!

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