Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ah, Vacation!!

Thank goodness for paid time off. I have just been relaxing with friends and family so far and it has been wonderful. The best part of taking time off work is catching up on all the wonderful blogs I love and crafting it up! I am going to work on making more items for my shop this week and am going to make a few new shirts for myself. I also want to try a few more patterns from Amy Karol's book. I went to Jo Ann's today and got some great fabric. Also, the point of me starting this blog is to show off this wonderful site to get fabric for CHEAP!!!!!!! My sister is lucky because she live close to the town this lovely little fabric store resides in. She told me about it and I thought, "wonder if they have a website?" Sure enough they did and I am telling you, the fabric is so freaking cheap it is crazy...but the fabric is all good quality. So, check it out. When I go to visit her next month we are going to take a trip there because apparently it is sold even cheaper in the store itself!

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