Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bye Bye Birdie!

I had my first official sale in my Etsy shop! It was this little baby birdie zipper pouch:

I actually had a sale before this one but she never paid. So, this purchase was awfully redeeming and lifted my spirits again! Thanks to the purchaser who will also get a little gift with purchase. This has been my favorite of the series of zipper bags I have made. Although, I had to replace it with another bag and this one I adore!

I found the fabric hidden on a bottom shelf at Jo Ann's. Had I not looked down I would have never seen it. It makes me happy to look at it. Nothing like strawberries in the summer!


The other day when we came home after a fish fry with some friends we found this little guy on our front porch. Wonder if it was a sign to not eat any water related creatures anymore? I ate so much that day I was not right the rest of the week. Oh, my.

He is terribly cute and he has decide to take my garden over as his home. I have seen him hopping around in there over this past week. He seems to like us so we named him Nevil.


I have been working on the shop this week trying to put a few more things up for sale. I made this little felt wristlet. It looks very similar to the felt clutch I made last week. Funny though, I am a lefty and did not even think of that when I was making this wristlet so, turns out it is more functional for a left handed person. I am going to advertise it that way too! It may turn out to be something special for one of my fellow left handers.

Then I started thinking, I should make more things for left handed people. That would be pretty cool. Us little lefties can be left out sometimes. I am always having to get Jeff to work the darn can opener for me and such. Scissors can be a pain too, literally. It hurts to use right handed scissors. Fortunately my mom was a school teacher and learned that pretty quickly so, she would always order me special scissors. My first pair of big girl sewing scissors were left handed ginghers she gave to me for Christmas several years back. I love love love them. My sister and I loved her pair and would always steal them to use them when we were younger and boy did she ever get mad at us. Something about the silver and shininess to them I suppose that we liked so much. So, needless to say it was special when she gave me my own pair and they turned out to be left handed.

This is another pouch I worked on last night. I love the colors in this fabric. I used the fabric to make a few zipper bags for mother's day and they all turned out really well. Since I had enough of the fabric left over I thought I would make another to put in the shop.

I am going to start working on another weekend market bag this weekend. This time I am going to make the zipper bag to go with it and use a swivel hook to attach it to the bag. I will post pictures when I am done!

Happy Weekend!

Cheers ;-)

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