Wednesday, August 1, 2007


We have a new addition to our family. A rescued little boxer pit mix. We named her Luna and she is the sweetest ever! We had an american pit bull terrier named Fredrick about a year and a half ago but he unfortunately died on new years eve. It was quite tragic because it is never easy to loose a pet and he was certainly special. So sweet, kind, and loyal. We are finding the same qualities in Luna. They are such good dogs and are unfortunately stigmatized to be horrible mean dogs. It is not the breed it is how they are raised and many times they are raised to defend themselves or be killed. What would you choose? Some people can be so cruel. However, I wanted to share a picture of Luna snuggled up on her new couch!

We are still trying to potty train her. She is only about six months but that is really her only downfall. Once we get her potty trained it will be smooth sailing!


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