Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Love Jewelry and Candy

One of the most wonderful things about coming to Santa Fe is all of the wonderful Native American jewelry. I love silver and turquoise, so I guess that I am in the right place for it. I like unusual jewelry...and it has to be big, I wonder if that is the "Texas" in me, that is probably the only "Texas" in me. So, on my quest for big and unusual jewelry, I happened across this from the Rocki Gorman Studio.

I think it is the most beautiful ring. It is exactly what I was looking for but did not know it. Thank you Mama.

Here is my collection of jewelry so far...I am very proud of it. Thank you Mama and Daddy!

Today we did some shopping. A few of the places I went to were Santa Fe Hemp, where I purchased the shoulder bag from Nepal. I also went to the pinkoyote, where I bought one of their signature pinkoyote t-shirts.

The place that I was looking the most forward to was Todos Santos, the most fabulous chocolates and confections store in Santa Fe, with a Dia De Los Muertos theme. It is so charming and a must see if you are in Santa Fe.

I will certainly go back at least once before we leave. The candy is so unusual and cute, have you ever seen a chocolate lady bug? She is made of dark chocolate and raspberry. The mushroom is full of caramel, and the square is a toffee bar. The stick is caramel with a chocolate and nut coating. I am eating the toffee bar right now and have already bitten the head of the lady bug!

Well, stay tuned for more of my vacation experiences!


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