Friday, June 13, 2008

Wrapping Things Up

Today is our last day here in Santa Fe. It has been a wonderful trip. Santa Fe is a very diverse and friendly place, everything that I like. We took it easy today. I slept in, read a book on the balcony (where I managed to produce the most uncomfortable sunburn), took a nice relaxing bath listening to the birds singing. I did a little research after lunch and discovered the Santa Fe School of Weaving. Within the School of Weaving there is a shop called Miriam's Well. The nicest lady of course, named Miriam, owns the shop. I called her up to find out if she sells spinning wheels. She told me all about a spinning wheel that she loves called "Kiwi", an Ashford spinning wheel. She told me that it is great to learn on. So, We got in the car and drove over to her shop.

She lives in the upstairs part of her shop. It is in a great location so she really has the best of both worlds, a home and shop all located in a fantastic area. She has the most lovely garden as you walk up. I wanted to take a picture of the front door and the flowers around it and just as I did she walked out with big pot full of geraniums! Mariam was born in Denmark and then, later in life, moved to Jerusalem to learn about weaving.

So, today, from Mariam...I purchased my first spinning wheel. I purchased her favorite little "Kiwi". She is having it shipped to me and I should have it in about 5-7 business days! I can't wait and what better way to purchase my first wheel other than in Santa Fe!


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