Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Another Day in Santa Fe

Today, we slept in. I slept with the back door open and woke up to the clean air, breeze, and the birds singing.

We went to do a little more shopping. I stopped in a little dog bakery called Teca Tu and picked up a little surprise for my doggies. They are taking their vacation at our Vet's place for the next several days. They deserve a treat...I hope they have been good!

Millie and Luna this is waiting for you, little cactus dog bones! Oh, and of course you will have to share one with your cousin Max!

After our shopping we went to La Boca, I was waiting to go back there! We went for their half price tapas hour. The tapas are delicious...we also had a little sangria to go with it. I wish I had a menu so I could say more about the tapas we ate. I guess you will just have to go and taste it for yourself.

Here is a little peak at what we ate. Of course, it is mostly half eaten. I was so excited about the food that I forgot to take a shot of it before we dived in. Its nice because they bring the tapas out one at a time and everyone shares so we pretty much got a little taste of everything. The happy hour prices are great too. So, make sure to go between 3 and 5pm. Many of the restaurants close between that time so La Boca has really got something going on by staying open and offering happy hour prices.

My mom ordered the dish that was featured on Giada's Weekend Getaways. It is pasta stuffed with crab (I think) with a wonderful cream sauce. It was to die for!

I think the thing that I love most about Santa Fe is the architecture. It has been maybe about...15 years since I have visited here. Now that is hard to believe and makes me feel rather old. I was probably a freshman in high school and I really do not remember the fantastic architecture. There are fabulous adobe houses and adobe churches. Well, I guess everything here is adobe. Shopping malls, grocery stores, gas stations, houses, restaurants...everything is adobe. That, I did not realize and I think it is just wonderful!

Tomorrow, we are driving to Taos. There is a place that sells hand spun yard. They may even have spinning wheels for sale. I think I may see a spinning wheel in my future!


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