Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taos Trip

Today we ventured out to Taos. We went to the Taos Pueblo. It is amazing to see buildings that are one thousand years old. The youngest building in the Pueblo was constructed in the 1800's! We had a tour of the Pueblo and after the tour we met the cutest lady who was selling blue corn bread. She said that she grew up in the Pueblo. She still owns the Pueblo she grew up in and also owns a house about 7 blocks away from the Pueblo. She said that she and her brothers and sisters would dance for the tourists when they were children. I think we ate about 6 pieces of her blue corn bread, it was delicious! In the Pueblo, people sell their hand made artifacts. I went to the Pueblo the last time I visited Taos, which was about 15 or so years ago. My dad took me and I remember being fascinated with it. I purchased a beautiful piece of pottery then. There are so many gifted people that live in the Pueblo and they make such beautiful things.

After the Pueblo we drove to Arroyo Seco and ate at the cutest little place called The Maverick County Cafe. I had a bit of hummus and shared a curried chicken salad sandwich with my mom. We also had the best herbal raspberry tea.

After we ate lunch we went to the Taos Sunflower. This has to be the best yarn shop I have ever been in. There is so much to choose from and the prices are so reasonable. What makes it a great shop is that they sell locally hand spun yarn and locally hand dyed roving. It really is wonderful!

I walked away with about 3 different colors of woving and hand spun yarn. I think I am going to make a purse and felt it and then needle felt some sort of design on it. I just love wool. Someday I just may end up with my very own sheep. Maybe I will name her Sunflower? Who knows. I could just name her Mable, the name my dad has given his GPS system, which has gotten us lost a few times. Well, I guess nothing is perfect, but for the most part she has been reliable!

After Arroyo Seco, we went to the Taos Plaza and did a bit more shopping. Taos is a lovely place. The mountains are magnificent. It has a bit of a different feel than Santa Fe but I have to say, I prefer Santa Fe a bit more. Of course, I would not mind staying at either place! The area is just so beautiful.

We went to the Taos Country Club where my dad purchased a golf t-shirt and where we also had a few drinks. We chatted up our bartender who was just the nicest person ever. She was a graphic designer who lived in Boston for a while and lead the corporate lifestyle for a while. Then she moved to the Taos area and left all of that behind. Now she has her own studio in Taos where she paints and also is a metal artist. How fabulous to be able to work on your art for a living.

The Taos Country Club does not have a shabby view either. Can you see all the adobe houses in the picture? I love it!

That mountain view is just unreal! I so want to live in the mountains. Texas is just too hot and flat. Tomorrow is our last day. I am getting sad. I have really enjoyed the visit. We have had such a good time and have met such nice people. Hopefully it will not be another 15 years before I return!

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