Friday, March 20, 2009

Sanding Walls And New Books, Oh And Happy Friday!

At this very moment, I cannot feel my arms. Hand sanding is hard work! If I sanded like this all the time I would have biceps like a pro-wrestler. I only had to sand a small space but it was more work than I thought it would be. Whew, at least I am done, with the sanding anyway.

With my new found old age and all, I am pretty lame these days, I came straight home from work this lovely Friday evening and started sanding the wall. Ha! How exciting! But for the record, while sanding I rocked out to a little Michael Franti, K'naan and G. Love and sipped on a Cuba libre . :-) So, does that still make me semi cool?

Tomorrow, I am going to put the chalkboard paint on the wall and then after that dries I will put the frame around it. Stay tuned for pictures later on. I don't want to post any pictures until my Ikea shipment comes in which will be on Tuesday so, I figure I will be completely finished around Wednesday or Thursday of next week. I can't wait!

During my kitchen project breaks, I have been a little happy. I ordered a few books and 2 of them arrived this week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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I'm Cammi said...

We were sanding underneath the same big sky this weekend. We got a bed and a bunch of other stuff for the boys at Ikea for their birthday this week and I decided the wall was a must. I wish I had read your response before I ran out and bought the paint! Anyway, although I chose black, I was excited to see that they carry a tintable (apparently that is not a word according to spellcheck, I say it is) chalk board paint! And in keeping with the theme, I wanted to send you this link. I check this girl's blog regularly and she just did this same thing last week. It's adorable in her girls' playroom.

Have a great week!

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