Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oil Cloth And A Bit More Spinning....Go Figure!!

Hello there. I thought I would take this moment to complain about the heat even though I said I wasn't going to anymore. Ha! Well, really the only reason why I brought it up was to go for round 2 of: what do you do when it is blazing hot outside?? So here goes. When it is blazing hot outside, I like to stay inside and work on crafty stuff! But I think you probably have already gotten the gist of that. So, I got a few projects completed this weekend. I worked on sewing some oil cloth and made coasters and a zipper bag for the shop.

I lined the zipper bag with red checkered oil cloth. I think I may wait and post it tomorrow. I need more oil cloth because I would like to post some oil cloth place mats in the shop too! Oh, and of course I want some for my own too!

I also practiced my spinning. I worked on 2-ply...

2-ply is so fun! I am still getting the technique down. I think the trick is to spin your single strands tighter than usual so when you ply them together, the twist will be perfect, not to loose and not too tight. So, I will go for that next time.

I also learned how prepare beads (just ignore the jingle bells, those got mixed up in there around Christmas time crafting last year)...... spin into yarn by watching this video.

Those jingle bells do give me an idea. How annoying would it be to have a hand spun/hand knitted jingle bell scarf!

I learned quite a bit today from exploring on the Spin-Off website. I wish there were one more day left in the weekend so I could have fun again tomorrow. But, unfortunately it is back to the old grindstone. Don't get me wrong, I do love my job, I would just love to stay home and spin more!

Cheers and have a good week. Harry Potter time very soon, I can't wait!

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Wild Violets said...

Cute projects! Just went on this new site called They had some cute oilcloth to choose from. Check it out.

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