Friday, July 10, 2009

When It Is Blazing Hot....What Do You Do??

It is 104 degrees outside and it is 5:15pm. You would think that the temperature would be dropping but, not. It is just maintaining at that blazing hot level. It is so hot my citron candle sitting outside is melting. So, what do you do when it is blazing hot??? Well, I change the A/C filter and spin some yarn!

I did a little roving shopping the other day and happened across this Etsy seller. I was impressed with her roving and with her prices. So, in keeping with the Sangria theme I have going on this summer, I purchased "Sangria on the Huron". It is 6 oz of Merino wool. The colors are so pretty and this picture just really does not do it justice.

This may sound weird and possibly something only another spinner could understand but, I love the way roving smells. Every time I get new roving I take a big whiff. It smells just like a little sheep that has been playing in a field. I can't explain it really but, it makes me happy to sniff roving! Ha!

O.k., back on track here. I am feeling a bit crafty this usual. So, I think I am going to do a bit of sewing and spinning (surprise surprise). I may even post a few new things to My Etsy!

I hope everyone is able to kick back, sit in front of the fan, and sip on a bit of Sangria this weekend!


1 comment:

Wild Violets said...

I am with you there sister. There is nothing like the sweet smell and smooth soft texture of holding brand new roving/yarn!!!

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