Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inside A Crayon Box

Spinning yarn is so relaxing and rewarding. It is especially rewarding when you spin something you really love. I have been spinning the roving I purchased from Gale's Art. It is called Crayon Box and when you spin it, it really looks like the inside of a crayon box! Click over here to see the roving in its pre-spun form. I had a lot of fun spinning this. When I was working on the 2 ply process it was cool to see the different color combinations form. When I see yarn like this I always admire it, now I have spun some! So, the big decision is, do I keep it for myself or sell it? It really is my favorite out of the yarns that I have spun difficult as it is, I am going to put it in the shop. I still need to complete the finishing process but once that is done in the shop it will go! I will probably have to keep telling myself that so I actually follow through!

Oh, and I spun some of this yarn while watching Coraline! I got it on DVD this past weekend. I purchased the collectors addition which comes with a 3D version. It is cooooooooooool!!


1 comment:

Wild Violets said...

wibby, this yarn is beautiful!!!!! Way to go!

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