Thursday, August 27, 2009

First In The Series

I happened across the most intriguing mystery series. I was looking at all the roving that I picked up while in Santa Fe. The roving that I picked up from Miriam's Well, she found in Colorado at a little cozy yarn store called Lambspun of Colorado. So, I started to wonder if the store had a website, googled it, and there it was! As I was navigating through this fantastic little web page, I happened across a book by Maggie Sefton called Fleece Navidad. Only a fellow knitter and spinning lover will understand how overjoyed I was to find out that there is mystery novel based around knitting!! So, naturally I googled Maggie Sefton and found her site. Then, after navigating through her site realized that it is a series! So, tomorrow after work, I am heading straight to Barnes and Noble to pick up the first in the series; Knit One, Kill Two. I am a big holiday dork so, it would be great if I could get them read in time to read Fleece Navidad around the holidays. But, I am not going to hold my breath on that one.


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