Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday In Santa Fe

Today Jeff and I ventured off on our own in the Plaza. We had a lot of fun going in in all the different shops and I had the most course!! I really wanted to show Jeff all my favorite Santa Fe spots so, we went to Miriam's Well and I purchased more roving for spinning and a new book. The roving is beautiful. This picture just does not do it justice. The orange is called Persimmon and is 100% Merino. The blue is called Petunias and is 55% Merino, 25% Soy Silk and 20% Tussah Silk. Miriam said that she picked the roving up when she was visiting in Colorado. I really envy her. I would love to have my own yarn shop and teach classes. She is selling her business but unfortunately, I don't have the spare change lying around!

I purchased my spinning wheel last year from Miriam and she remembered! It really is a special little shop and she has the most beautiful things. You know, you can get a sense about people sometimes and Miriam seems like a very wise and well rounded individual which makes going to her shop even better. I was glad Jeff got to meet her, I thought he would enjoy her and he did! Don't worry sis, I plan to share all the roving with you! You just must come visit me soon!

After Miriam's Well, we went over to Todos Santos. Todos Santos is a candy store with a Dia De Los Muertos theme. I love the way they have decorated this little store. The candy is amazing too!! This year I purchased a little box of chocolate. I forgot to take a picture of it before I unwrapped it.....I was too excited!

I already ate the heart and part of the circle with the nuts on it. The heart is white chocolate with a dark chocolate center and also made with rose water!! Devine! The lady that was working was very nice. She is a local and gave Jeff and I the inside scoop on Santa Fe living. She also threw in a few free caramels because Jeff was wearing a Manu Chao t-shirt. We met a lot of really nice people today, come to think of it!

We ventured over to Dressmans Gifts and picked up a few souvenirs to take home. I really love the tin work with the Dia De Los Muertos art. So, I picked up a little something for myself. I seemed to be pretty good at that this trip.

After a bit of souvenir shopping, Jeff and I went to La Boca!!! Oh, we certainly saved the best for last. Get ready for a major geek out.

My absolute favorite spot in Santa Fe....

We started off with a bit of Sangria (surprise surprise).

Then, we had garbanzo carrot hummus with flat bread.

The next Tapas course was Fried Egg Chorizo and Potato.

Round 3 was Canalones with scallop and crab........oh....I went into a food coma at this point.

The special was Pimientos de chile's roasted in garlic with sea salt. I ate a tiny pepper and it was packed with heat! mouth was on fire for hours! But, it was worth every minute of it!

The owner/chef was there, James Campbell Caruso. My mom and I met him during the Santa Fe School of Cooking Culinary Tour last year. I think the cooking tour was coming to La Boca today because the owner was there and they were getting the tables ready. if you are ever in Santa Fe, the culinary tour is an absolute must!

After La Boca we did a bit more shopping. We stopped into the Santa Fe School of Cooking and I picked up some Blue Corn Meal and Whipped Honey. I can't wait to go home and make blue corn muffins with the honey!

When our day of exploring the Plaza was over, my parents picked us up and we went back to the casita. I learned a new way to spin called rolag. I will explain that later. Basically, you roll up your roving like a burrito and spin it. It works rather well, I am now a firm believer in burrito spinning.

Jeff and I went on a little nature hike. It was fun. We found lots of things along the way like an old Christmas tree still in tact with its tinsel.

A blooming cactus...Jeff cut one of the fruits off and got little tiny cactus needles in his finger. He was a regular Bear Grylls on our hike! Ha!

We happened across a tree stump with a few mountain rocks stacked on top of it.

And....just waiting for us on the mountain top...2 green lawn chairs. We felt right at home!

The view from the lawn chairs....

On the way back from our hike, we happened upon a few wine corks. Look like someone else was partying on the patio!

Tomorrow we are packing up and heading home. Oh, I wish we could stay longer. Someday, I hope to call Santa Fe home. It is just really beautiful here. Right now, I am blogging on the patio of the casita to a gorgeous sunset and about 70 degrees with a breeze. It would be nice if this moment could last forever!

Cheers to Santa Fe and its people! Until next year!


Wild Violets said...

Love the Santa Fe narrative. Sounds like you had a good time. I am glad i got to travel in your pocket. :) Beautiful roving!! I am glad you found what you were looking for. The cheshire yarn looks great!!!!!!

Liz said...

You are going next year! You will love it an I know you will also appreciate the culture...which really makes Santa Fe so special. I miss you!

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