Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spinning Saturday!

I have found myself overwhelmed with roving...but in a very good way. I spent some time today studying up on spinning. Earlier this week I became a member of Spin Off Magazine online and also subscribed to the magazine (a 10 year anniversary present to myself!). On their website, they have some great videos. I happened across many talented spinners who were kind enough to educate the rest of us. The Art Of Megan was one of them. Gotta love her, she was playing Radiodread in the background during her demo's (bonus). The other helpful lady has a website called Spinning Forth. She played music too, reminded me of the Ozark Mountains for some reason. So, during all my research and note taking....I got inspired! This evenings events will consist of continued spinning with the newly learned "rolag" technique and trying out dying! I am stretching it a bit here and am not going to just dye...I am going to natural dye with hibiscus tea! That may be a really bad idea, but...I guess it is not the worst thing I have ever done.

While searching for dying techniques, I came across this blog, Little Slice Of Life. I was not able to find any specific examples of dying with tea during my Internet search. I think I probably need a book but (actually I am certain that I need a book), but it is Saturday night...I am going to let loose and get wild and go for it with absolutely no technique in mind.

So, here is some roving I have had laying around a while.

It was inexpensive and nothing special so if I screw it won't matter too much! I am tempted to use some non-dyed Merino roving my sister gave to me last year but, I will be really upset if that gets messed up. Gotta use some self control!

I got my rolags all ready to go...

and started spinning away.

Then, after a night of spinning and watching He's Just Not That Into You, I was too tired to dye. So, until tomorrow...the saga continues!

Cheers and Happy Saturday! I have a long weekend next weekend that I am looking rather forward too.

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