Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday In Santa Fe

There are so many pretty birds in Santa Fe and they all seem to hang around the casita. My mom has left bread crumbs and sunflower nut meats on the adobe fence ledge for them to eat.

We picked up a Birds of New Mexico: Field Guide at La Fonda. So, Jeff is keeping tally of the birds that we have seen so far. On Monday while I was taking a relaxing bath, the sweetest little bird sat on the window sill and sang a little song. Jeff determined from my description of him that he is a Cedar Waxwing. We have also seen a Spotted Towhee, Chihuahuan Raven, and a Cliff Swallow.

This morning we headed over to the Santa Fe Farmers Market at the Railyard.

There is a lady there that sells the most wonderful breads. So, being on vacation and all, I had to splurge. I got green chile cheese flat bread and a garlic arugula flat bread.

I ate most of them when we got back in the car. Oh, so good...so so good. We also got cherries for our evening sangria.

We also picked up some tomatoes, snap peas, some garlic plant thing that I can't remember the name of. The farmer did a little cooking demo for us. He sauteed the snap peas and garlic things with olive oil and seasoned with salt. It was delicious so we got some to make for dinner tonight. I am going to be cooking raspberry chipotle chicken on the grill with sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and corn. Jeff is going to try his hand at sauteing the snap peas and garlic things, which is a big deal for anyone that knows Jeff...he does not cook!!

After the market, we drove to Espanola, a little town outside of Santa Fe and went to Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center. Unfortunately, they just moved and were in the middle of restoring the new building so I get the feeling the store was not at its full potential but, I did walk away with some lovely roving!! I can't wait to get spinning.

I got some bright blue Corriedale.

I also got half a pound of white Navajo Churro wool....

And grey Navajo Churro wool.

I also picked up the latest edition of Spin Off Mag.

I love how natural this wool is. Usually I go for the bright colors but for some reason there was something so sweet about this wool in its natural state. If I can learn to spin a fine wool, this wool just might knit up into a nice warm sock...or even mittens! Apparently the Navajo Churro Sheep has quite a story.

After the fiber arts, we ventured over to Black Mesa Golf Club.

My dad got a golf shirt for his New Mexico golf shirt collection. It is a small course but it is so beautiful. My dad always wanted my sister and I to take up golf and play with him. For some reason, we just never caught on. I don't know about my sister, but I was never able to hit the ball. If I was able to hit the ball, it would just roll a few feet in front of me which was rather discouraging. I did turn out to be a superb golf cart driver and only almost ran over one of Daddy's friends once! But, you know... I could learn to play golf on a course that looks like this, I don't think it would be an issue at all!

After we went to the course, we drove to Tesuque and had lunch at the Tesuque Village Market. Tesuque is a neat little town and reminds us a bit more of the vibe in Taos.

The food was great and the atmosphere was too. It was a fantastic place to people watch. My mom and I shared the Southwestern salad. Jeff had quesadillas and my dad had a green chile burger which looked mighty fine. This little place kind of reminded me of the old days when I worked at Coffee House in Sundance Square. But then Starbucks swooped in and took the place over. Anyhoo....if I were 18 again, I could see myself working in this place.

We then ventured off to the Shidoni Foundry and Gallery. This is a really cool outdoor/indoor gallery full of bronze sculptures among other things. If you are ever in the Santa Fe area, it is worth stopping by!

So, after our very full day of driving and site seeing we went back to the casita and I grilled it up outside for everyone. We ate al fresco. It was a lovely evening!!

Jeff made a little fire after dinner.......


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