Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farmer's Market and Junk

I am a sucker for a good Farmer's Market and for Vintage junk. So, since my sis is in town we went to the Cowtown Farmer's Market and then on a whim decided to go Estate sale shopping. The Market has grown a lot over the past year. The vendors grow the best produce too. From goat cheese to tamales, this Market has it. 

We were pretty hungry this morning so we stopped at the Artisan Baking Company and picked up some of the best scones I have ever eaten and biscuits. Both melted in our mouths.

There were tons of blackberries too...we couldn't pass those up!

We tried to hit up a few Estate sales afterward, however, it was a complete bust. Our first stop should have been a sign. It was a bit disorganized. The house itself was really a 1970's way. I do like old houses, mine was built in the 50's. But, there was one room that was really needing the cast of Studio 54 or Boogie Nights to top things off. We left because just got creepy.

A few more bad Estate Sales later, we decided to check out a few new shops. Bingo! We should have done this first! There is a cute new Vintage/Antique store that is only open on the weekends and I have been wanting to go check it we did. Junker Val's, it is the cutest and Junker Val is so super sweet!! Her prices are pretty fair considering how people like to crank up the price on Antiques since it has become really trendy.

After Junker Val's we went to the Junketeria which is just down the street. 

This place is awesome. There are so many things which again are really fairly priced. The man that runs it is really nice too and terribly creative with his layout and how he has decorated. 

Next time, I am going back with more cash because there are some diamonds in the rough in this place.

After a long day of shopping, I needed a pick me up. So, since I had a plethora of blackberries from the Market, I made cobbler! 

The recipe is super easy and so delicious. Courtesy of the Pioneer Woman.


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