Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A little rest and relaxation can do a person some good.  I loved being tucked away in the Ozarks with not really much to do except relax. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to do in the Ozarks where my sister lives but...I just wanted to chill out and that is exactly what we did! I just got back this evening. I had the pleasure of flying first class both ways (sorry, I had to brag about that even though to most people its probably no big deal). I pimped my flight! I have never flown by myself and I really have not flown that much before either but I think flying first class helped (well, psychologically anyway)! I was able to get in the quick security line and I was able to board the plane first. Plus, trail mix a plenty! Sweet deal...oh, and a glass of wine on the flight home. 

Of course I had to take a snapshot of my snack mix and OJ (my flight there was in the morning otherwise that would have been a snapshot of snack mix and a cocktail).

Once my plane landed in the teeny tiny Little Rock Airport...well, teeny tiny compared to DFW anyway, I saw my sister waiting at the Starbucks sucking down the rest of her caffeine...she had to drive 2 hours to the airport to pick me up! 

Our first stop was Target to stock up on some resources...since she is tucked away in the Ozarks and all. I bought Violet a new sheet set for her new bedroom. My sister and her hubby are working on building their house, from the ground up, by themselves and help from some really talented friends and family. Violet's room is done and super cute too!

After Target we had to take care of serious business...stopping at Oscar's Liquor store. They sell moonshine. Ha! In a Mason Jar in fact! I think since it is in a mason jar that must make it authentic. :)  

Then, a few hours later we arrived to our peaceful Ozark destination. The house is covered by lots of trees and is nestled down in a mountain hillside so it is about 20 degrees cooler...that's what I'm talkin' about!

During my visit we surprised Violet with decorating her room while she was gone fishing. When she came back she was very surprised about her new sheets! It was too cute.

I also got a tour of the garden. It was fabulous. I even managed to keep all the mountain ticks off me. :) They are growing so many things and it is amazing to see how huge the veggies are.

They were growing zucchini 4 times the size of this one! You can't get them like that in the stores folks. This is home grown right off the vine.

They also have loads of peach trees! Peaches aplenty! They are wonderful and juicy. So, what better way to enjoy my garden tour than to enjoy a peach daiquiri along the way? 

On Saturday we went into Mountain View for the Farmer's Market. I can never pass up a good Farmer's Market! We came away with lots of goodies and I cannot believe no pictures were taken! After a bit of shopping and a trip into Ritsy Rags...

....the best little sewing/quilting shop in the Ozarks....

Of course shopping worked up an appetite so we went over to Woods Soda Fountain for lunch. I had a grilled pimento cheese sandwich. Sounds kinda strange...yes...but is kinda good...yes!

After lunch I came across this sign. Pretty much sums up the little town. :)

On Sunday my BIL smoked ribs for a fathers day feast. I caught up with his family and ate some good food, incliuding fried zucchini from the garden and green beans from the garden too. 

I had such a nice time and I can't wait until my next visit! 


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Taos Sunflower said...

Sounds like a great getaway. Warning: flying first class will ruin you for good...especially if you're ever flying a super long distance. It's hard to put that genie back in the bottle, once you've experienced it! LOL

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