Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Little Help In the Kitchen Please!

First things first. The kitchen. This house has lots of potential but the kitchen and the bathrooms are going to be the biggest task. Why you ask? Well, lets start with the kitchen.

The appliances are, um...vintage...and the countertops, they speak for themselves. The linoleum flooring also needs to be updated. But, I know the people that lived here before loved it the way it is so I certainly want to respect that while at the same time making it my own and er...more updated.

The oven and microwave must have been fancy back it the day. Its one of those combos that attach together. I think one of my friends had a microwave/oven combo in their Barbie Dream House...I remember it being pretty cool.

This is the eat in kitchen area. I love that they kept the beams the origional color and did not pain them. 

One of my main concerns is that the fridge is custom framed and it's small, very small. Much smaller than the mega fridges of today and yep I sure do want one of those mega fridges. They are shiny, have bells and whistles, and fancy bright lights! Shiny things are hard for me to pass up. Fortunately, we have a handy friend that helped knock out the framing and cabinet above to make room for my mega fridge. 

He reframed around the new fridge and then built a wine rack above. Love. It. 

Yes, I do believe I need more wine up there. 

I think he did a mighty fine job. Now, if this mega fridge ever needs any mega servicing, we are in trouble because I don't think there is any way to get it out of the kitchen, it was hard enough to get it in! So, lets hope that mega fridge is built to last a mega lifetime. Next on the kitchen recon mission agenda...floors, countertops, and back splash!


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