Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Wallpaper Must Go!

Wallpaper. I don't like it. I never really have. I prefer my walls to be left pure. ;) Taking wallpaper down.  I don't like it. I never have and I have never even taken it down before! 

I did some Internet research and watched a few you tube videos so I think that makes me an expert now, right?

The culprit

The weapon

My research findings are that is it much easier to take down wallpaper with a steamer. It is also much easier to take down non-vinyl wallpaper. However, to my dismay, vinyl wallpaper is what I discovered I had.

So with a few choice words after that discovery, I started with steaming the heck out of the walls. When that didn't work, because the steam could not penetrate through the dang vinyl, I began to peel and peel the vinyl paper away. It left the paper backing still on the wall, unfortunately.

Removing wall paper requires beer. 

Once I got all the dang vinyl off the wall I was able to bring out my trusty weapon...the steamer! I steamed the backing and it easily peeled off. I also got a good facial in the process.

Some parts needed a little scraping to get started but once it got started it came off in large pieces, yeeeah!

After I steamed and peeled a million times over it was time to wash the glue off the wall. I used a damp soapy don't want to saturate the drywall otherwise you may ruin it. I used the rag to wash off all that gunk and soap, it came off pretty easily and then I used a clean dry rag to wipe the walls down. 

Many hours later, clean white wallpaper free walls emerged! 

I am awfully proud of myself if I do say so. Next on my agenda for this bathroom is a fresh coat of paint, a new counter top, and new sink installation! I also need towels and a shower curtain.

Oh...and also on that bathroom update agenda are new light fixtures, did you see that funky fixture a few pics above?? It is just not doing the trick for me.


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