Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Little Bit of Christmas Preparation

These last few days are fun for me. Even though every year I say I am going to have everything done so I don't have to scramble...I kinda like the scrambling but in moderation.  Today I got off work early.  I did a bit of last minute shopping and then made my annual Christmas marshmallows for my family.  These are the second annual Christmas marshmallows to be exact.

I also finished up my Navajo ply yarn. I used Navajo-Churro wool that I picked up a few years back.  It is pretty funny, I procrastinated with learning how to Navajo ply. It just looked so absolutely complicated! But, with the help from The Joy of Handspinning I discovered that it is so very simple! I have waited all this time for nothing!  I really like the way the wool looks when it is Navajo plied. It reminds me of some of the things that I have seen in Chimayo.

We spent this past weekend celebrating the Holiday with Jeff's family.  I made peppermint brownies to take.

I also spent about 4 hours wrapping gifts.  Who knew it took that long?  You know, I think in years past I would wrap as I bought. This year I obviously did not do that. Note to self: you could be spinning yarn during that gift wrapping marathon.  Next time, wrap as you purchase. 

Jeff's little brother stayed with us from out of town.  After my 4 hour Christmas prep marathon I finally took a break and played Dance Central on his Kinect. Taye was my favorite Avatar. I had a blast dancing to King of the Dance Hall by Beenie Man

Now, I am off to go see The Fighter with a very dear and longtime friend! 



Tammy said...

Homemade marshmallows sound yummy and your peppermint brownies do too. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

CK said...

Oooo that yarn is beautiful! And mmmm those brownies look good! 4 hours wrapping gifts!?!?! I bet youa re pretty good at wrapping gifts ;) I bet they all look beautiful all wrapped and ready to deliver!

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