Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Turns From Drab To Fab!

Well, I have been off the radar a bit because I have been under the weather all week! I finally broke down and went to the doc today because I have had coughing spells that last an hour or so. Ugh. Frustrating. But, they fixed me all up with some antibiotics.  I went to Target to pick up my prescription and also picked up a gingerbread house to construct.  I figured I would come home with nothing better to do so constructing a gingerbread house was in the cards for me tonight!  Last year I was sick too and I was not terribly pleased with the way my gingerbread house turned out. But, it was still all in good fun! 

When I came home from the doc, I found something much more fabulous than a gingerbread house. My friend from Taos Sunflower send me a Christmas package! OMG!! Now, if there were no such thing as antibiotics I think a package like this would cure any bacterial infection! She gifted me hand cards but she also sent tons of locks to card! I can't wait to get started. I have been wanting carders for such a long time! This was such a wonderful surprise and the best Christmas gift ever! Thank you so much! I literally shrieked when I opened the package. My little critters looked at me like I was crazy. Ha! 

Yep, now you know why I shrieked! 



Taos Sunflower said...

Liz: Just checking in, hoping your feeling better now. Remember what they say...we're healthier with more fiber!!!

Liz said...

Ha ha! That is hilarious. I like it, healthier with more fiber!! I am actually feeling better so I think the fiber did the trick!

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