Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Weekend Painting

After finishing up painting the living/dining room last weekend I painted the hall. Oh, it needed it! I painted the hall the same color. I did this all myself! It took longer than the living/dining room and I hurt. I hurt a lot. While I am complaining, I will add that I have many bruises too. But, It turned out great and looks sooooooo much better. Like the dork I am, I forgot to take before pictures again! It was a drab off white and I had some pictures hanging in the hallway. I do have some great ideas on how to jazz this up and display my pictures so stay tuned!  But, here is the after:

Yes, after many hours...10 to be exact. It is all finished. I really had no idea I would take so long but I guess all that trim would turn out to be my nemesis in the long run. It was worth it. Now, I am on a painting rampage. One of my goals for the year was to get all the rooms in my house painted. I think It is okay to say that I am off to a fantastic start! 


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