Sunday, January 16, 2011

Painting...A Love Hate Relationship

I hate the painting process but I love the end result. That pretty much sums up my love/hate relationship with it. When I paint, there are areas of my body that I did not know could hurt but they do. But, the wall looks so pretty now and the pain goes away so that is a plus. My Dad, who is a dang fine painter, was so gracious to come over and help me! He likes to do things the right way, no short cuts, no halving it.  If you are going to do it it is going to be done just right. For this, I am grateful because I would have found a shortcut. We started with painting the ceiling. After it was painted I realized how much it needed to be freshened up! Painting the ceiling was something I really did not want to do but I am glad we did. So, the painting the ceiling was on Friday night, after we went to Home Depot for supplies, and the a trip to Sonic for a quick dinner (and I mean quick...I hate fast food). After the ceiling was painted my dad left. It was about 9pm and I was on my second wind so I decided to start painting the walls! I just painted all the tedious things like around the doorways,windows, and whatnot to get ready for the next day.

On Saturday my fabulous Father came back over to help paint some more. Jeff helped too! I chose French Gray for the walls and Swiss Coffee (it looks a little yellow on the link but it is actually bright white) for the trim.  I used Behr Ultra Premium Plus (the primer paint combo). I HIGHLY recommend the paint/primer combo. You may have to spend a little more but it takes way less labor because you don't have to put on as many coats!

I actually forgot to take a "real" before picture. After I moved all the furniture and taped things down I realized that. So, here is the messed up (and looking awful) before so you can get an idea of the color:

 The front door entrance

 When you walk in the front door there is my couch, looking rather horrible I might say! 

 Then there is the dining area which is to your right and around the corner when you walk in

That is Jeff rolling on the color. It looks so much better! 

And the After:

Dining area 

Living area (which will be updated with a rug, new pillows, and coffee table decor) 

I have a few more pictures to show but they turned out dark. So, since I have many more re-decorating ideas in store, I think I will wait and show the other pictures after everything is completed so stay tuned! 

And next weekend, the hallway! 



Rebecca@This Present Life said...

Those lighter colors really brighten up the space! Can't wait to see the whole makeover with rug, pillows, etc...!

Liz said...

Thanks! The gray really does lighten it up. Things are coming along nicely and I will be posting soon!

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