Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Nice Little Snow Day Here In Funky Town

The first snow of our winter season has arrived. It is not often that it snows in Texas.  When it does, I love it. Everything seems so peaceful.  I drank my coffee and looked out the window for quite some time watching the huge snowflakes fall from the sky. Then, I realized that my 2 gardens were exposed and I was not at all prepared for this freezing weather! So, I hurriedly put on my winter gear and my rain boots and covered all my plants.  This is actually the first time that I have worn my rain boots. I got them for Victoria but since my luggage was already packed to its fullest, I had to leave them behind.

 Since it was rather wintry outside I felt like having comfort food for dinner. So, I cooked up a new recipe that came in my cooking light magazine this month. It is a little different, but so good! I present, Beef Tagine with Butternut Squash!

Oh, I have also been holding out on you guys. I CAN"T believe that I have not posted a picture of my very own hand carded and hand spun yarn! So, for the big reveal, here it is!

Now, for the hard part, what do I knit with it?  I was able to spin about 100 yards but it is very thin and delicate. I am thinking I need to make something dainty with it. It definitely has a dainty vibe to it.

I am afraid I may be withdrawn from blogging for a week or so. I have plans to paint my living room. Oh, it is a drab and dreary dark green. What on earth was I thinking in the first place for painting it that color to begin with? Well, I am on a mission this year to get every room painted and freshened up! So, I begin with the living room!

Cheers and Happy Winter!


Nicole said...

oh my goodness, that yarn is BEAUTIFUL!!!! so happy that you shared.

the sleepy time gal

Tammy said...

Your yarn looks very pretty. Hope you share your newly painted room :)

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