Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sprouts Is Here!

It has been a beautiful weekend here in Funky Town. I really do love the cold weather because we don't get much of it, but this nice 73 degrees that I am feeling is great! I went out shopping for items to update my house. I am currently working on the living/dining room so stay tuned. The traffic today was insane and there were so many people out! I guess my little town is starting to get visitors in for the Super Bowl. We have been told to expect about 400,00 visitors to be in the area. Wow! But anyhoo, I stopped into Cutting Corners, a home decor fabric store, and picked up some great fabric that I am going to use to recover my dining room chairs and make a few throw pillows out of.  I also got some fabric to make a table skirt for the table that is next to the couch. They are having a rather nice sale. But even the regular prices are reasonable. This may be a new place I frequent. Since I was having such a fun time shopping today I stopped into Sprouts! It is their newest location that just opened up this week. Sprouts is fantastic. It reminds me of Trader Joe's and I think I read somewhere is owned by the same people. But, be warned, since it just opened the lines are about 20-30 minutes long! So, because I have been so excited about Sprouts opening up less than 5 minutes from my house, I stuck it out and waiting in line. I also made friends with the hilarious ladies standing in front of me. I think they were even more excited that I was about being there! 

My dear friend is moving just up the street from me so I figured she would need some nourishment after the move. I picked her up some focaccia bread, pre-made fettuccine alfredo, and trail mix cookies!  I also pick up some chicken salad and focaccia for myself. After my long day of shopping I came home and made a sandwich, yum!

Over the next few weeks I will be decorating the living room and hallway so stay tuned.  I can't wait!



Little Wren said...

We don't have a Sprouts here. Too rural I guess. Cool though!!!

Rebecca@This Present Life said...

Yum! Your sandwich looks delish! I've been meaning to go check out the Sprouts, but maybe I'll wait until it's not so new and exciting :) And I can't wait to see your final living room makeover reveal!

Liz said...

Sprouts is really cool! The prices are really reasonable too, cheaper than Whole Foods or Central Market.

I want to go again but I think I will either make it really early in the morning or later in the evening when the crowds have come and gone!

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