Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Sweet Little Package

Thank you Sis. You are the best! Everything arrived packaged perfectly. You put such special touches into everything.  Jeff LOVED his pressie too!

She wraps everything in old pattern packages and uses the patterns as tissue.  I was so excited when I got my package that I ripped into it before taking a picture.  I have been pretty bad with the before shots lately! But, here is the inside of the box with the "tissue" in it.

 A journal (which I will use as a knitting/spinning journal) with hand drawn artwork by my Sis.

Wild Cherry Smoked Kosher Salt, which smells to die for!!!!!! I have some Salmon in the freezer and this is being sprinkled on it! 

Maggie Casey's book, Start Spinning.

My second annual magic yarn ball full of buttons, handmade dark chocolate lip butter, and 2 super cute rings!

 Jeff received a hand knit hat and hand made pin, t-shirt with the periodic table on it (he is a science dork), some cool cards, and a magazine on how to make your own beer! 

Thanks Carrie, Kalin, and Violet!!!



Little Wren said...

What a cool package and even cooler treats on the inside!! I keep a spinning journal as well. Very useful stuff!

Liz said...

It was a cool package. She is so thoughtful!

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