Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lost Oak Winery

We celebrated Christmas today, Christmas in June anyway. For Christmas Mr. Lucas and I purchased a Groupon from my dad to go to the Lost Oak Winery for a tour of their facility and wine tasting. They did not expect to have such a huge turn out with their Groupon so they have been pretty booked. We just happened to have our your today and it was lots of fun. If you live in the Fort Worth area or ever come here to visit you must go! The winery itself is so pretty and the store front is very festive. You can rent space for a party or even a wedding. They were setting up for a wedding today. They have been awarded best pick for weddings by The Knot! Check out their calendar, they have lots of events! Yeah, there is a craft fair next weekend.

Joy lead us on our tour of the winery. She knows so much and has such a friendly personality. She told us that we could volunteer at the winery and would be able to help harvest the grapes and bottle the wine among much more! Jeff and I were pretty excited about that because we want to learn more. We would love to have a bed and breakfast winery some day. So, we figure what a great way to start learning how it all works.

She told us all about what grapes grow best in Texas but also said that Texas is still trying to figure it out. We have such crazy weather here and that can really make it difficult for the growers. You can even tell what grapes have been damaged by hail because the hail bruise them leaving black streaks on the grapes. All the grapes I saw were perfect. 

They have to also worry with wild pigs, deer, raccoon, and other pesky critters that want to harvest the grapes for themselves. They have to use electric fencing in order to keep them out. 

We ended our tour in the crushing room. Its where they crush the grapes up to be placed in the barrels where they will sit for several months before bottling. It was nice and cool in there on this hot June day. There, we were able to get a taste of the Blanc duBois. She asked us to to smell the wine and swish it around in our mouth to try to determine what fruit was in the grapes. Mr. Lucas immediately said green apples and he was correct! He should have won a bottle of wine. Meanwhile, my dad was cracking jokes and having a good time. It was pretty cute. 

After the tour we went back to the store front and listened to live music while we sipped on tastings of wine paired with cured meat, cheese, fruit, and nuts. We all got a list of the different wines they make there an picked our top 5 to taste.

After we finished the wine tasting we couldn't stop there and bought a bottle of Tres Uvas. This wine has made me appreciate white wine so much more. This was so much fun which was really needed for everyone.

In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much we all became members of their wine club! Every other month for wine club members you go pick up 2 bottles of wine at discounted prices. On the pick-up day they have a party! Yep, that is my kind of wine club. We also get invites to special events, are the first to taste new wines, and receive free wine tasting and can bring up to 3 friends with us among so much more. This is going to be fun I think.


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