Thursday, June 6, 2013

Now That Is A Big Ol' Hunk Of Beef!

I am so thankful that we have our own rock star celebrity chef here in Funky Town. Yes folks, Mr. Tim Love himself belongs to my town. If you find yourself in town and want a festive atmosphere with delicious food, head on over to The Woodshed. If you want a dang good burger, head on over to the Love Shack. AND, if you want a fine upscale dining experience, go to Lonesome Dove in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The Woodshed really is my favorite of all 3 places. But, call about a week ahead for a weekend reservation, otherwise you will find yourself waiting about an hour and a half to be seated. Mr. Lucas has a birthday today. He is 33. Apparently that means you are an adult in Hobbit years. So, in order to celebrate...we went to the Woodshed on Saturday with my brother-in-law and sister and ordered the beef shin like any good Hobbit would. You can order off their dining with friends menu where there are about 4 different dinner choices that will feed 4 people. Get ready for this. The beef shin. Served on a wooden board with tortillas, beans, ricotta cheese, and kale salad.

You can eat it all individually but we chose to put those tortillas to good use and made the ultimate taco! The beef is so tender and just falls right off the bone. 

Bonus, they wrapped the shin bone up for us to take home to Penelope.

She was in love. 

And we are in love too because it actually so much food we had left overs for dinner the next day.


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