Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let The Christmas Crafting Continue...Follow Up...

Hello all! The soap I made yesterday turned out very well. To me, there is something so satisfying about making something yourself. Of, course, I kept a bar of soap for myself! I made the soap for Jeff's grandmother, aunt's, and mother. They don't know about my blog so the Christmas surprise is not ruined. :-) I purchase my glycerin and other soap/bath essential supplies from, From Nature With Love. It's a great company with great customer service. Their prices are fairly reasonable too! (Just a side note, my brother-in-law made that cutting board and I love it!)

I chopped the block of soap up after I pulled it out of the mold and was able to get as much as I needed out of this mold.

I have also been working on some tissue holders for them. I purchased some tissues today for the holders and was able to cross that project off my list. I am getting so close to seeing the light! But, there seems to be so much more to do!

I went to a Christmas party this afternoon that was rather lovely. Great food, friends, and wine! But, while I was gone, this picture appeared on my camera. I am pretty sure Jeff took it because I know I didn't and I don't think my dogs have the ability to take pictures (and not to mention don't have imposable thumbs). My pets are so spoiled and lazy!

If you can see, the center piece decoration has glass Christmas ornaments in it. My mom gave me this center piece and this year I decided to jazz it up by adding the ornaments. Cedella, the kitty to the right, is obsessed with shiny objects and kept knocking them out of the center piece. So, I got smart and hot glued them to it. Ha! She has not broken a glass ball since!



I'm Cammi said...

Before I read the last paragraph, I found it so thoughtful of your well behaved kitties to leave your ornaments alone. If you had taken the picture, I'd have assumed you took the time to stage the photo and tidy up the ornaments, but I can't see Fee doing that. The hot glue was ingenious. Unfortunately, I think my two tots would require Epoxy or something industrial strength. I've already glued the legs and antlers back onto a vintage plastic reindeer and trashed a shattered ceramic Saint Nick. Your tissue holders are a brilliant idea. I'm resisting the urge to steal it for some of my chronically snot nosed relatives.

Liz said...

Oh, my kitties are far from well behaved. They even love to climb up the Christmas tree. I stopped putting breakable ornaments on the tree years ago. Only after many casualties did I learn my lesson.

Ah, your little cuties, they are something else! Epoxy is a great idea! I guess Saint Nick is taking one for the team this year...and it sounds like the reindeer is too.

The tissue holder is super easy. You could probably make a ton of them in less than an hour. Go for it!

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