Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let The Christmas Crafting Continue!

The countdown is on! There are only 12 days until Christmas. For some reason that makes me want to bust out and sing the 12 days of Christmas. Well, anyhoo, I will spare you all of that. Today I have been working on finishing up some Christmas projects. Several years ago I made soap for gifts. I had some glycerin and a rather fantastic soap mold so, I thought why not make soap again this year?

So, I got out the mold and lined it with freezer paper:

I don't have a double boiler....ah, if only Jeff read this he would have the perfect Christmas gift idea for I just made one out of some kitchen items I have. You can't go wrong with a big pot and a Pyrex bowl.

I chopped up some cocoa butter glycerin and avocado and cucumber glycerin that I had so it would melt easier and put it in the boiler.

I am a fan of lavender and usually have a ton of lavender buds and lavender essential oil laying around so that is what I went with for the scent of this soap.

My favorite part of making soap is poring it into the mold. I got this mold from Southern Belle Soap Company some years ago. I don't think think they are in business anymore which is disappointing.

My house smells so good, like an English garden. That will only last so long though, the dogs need a bath :-). Tomorrow the soap should be ready for me to cut into bars.


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