Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where Are All The Elves.....

...when I need them??? I think they are all drinking spiked egg nog and eating chocolate truffles while frolicking in the snow. This has been quite the weekend of Christmas crafting of production! If I worked like this all the time I would have a ton of stuff in my Etsy store. Hmmm, New Year's resolution maybe??? I feel like my little fingers are going to fall off! I finally finished up the project I was working on for my mama. She reads this so I can't say what it is or post pictures yet, but I will after she receives it! Come to think of it, I can't really say what I have been working on because for those who do read this little blog, it will spoil all the fun. Geez! All this hard work and I can't say anything about it. Well, since my niece can't type or even understand the concept of google....I can post the rest of the felt food, I introduce you to penne and bow tie pasta!

On Saturday, a friend of mine came over for some crafting (and wine :-)). I had so much fun! It was nice to actually craft with someone, a real person, and not Ziggy, Cedella, Millie, Luna, and Chica. Well, they can't craft, they are pets but you know what I mean. Man, if only my pets could craft, they could be my elves! I would have my own little sweat shop! O.k., I am going to reel myself back in and finish this blog and stop talking crazy.

I also made Jeff take a picture with me of the 2 of us together. I bet you can imagine how that went. At least he was a good sport and did it. Speaking of sports, ladies, never take a picture with your man when the game is on. If your camera is like mine, you will get 3 quick shots in a row on the timer. So, the first picture is Jeff looking at the T.V., the next picture are Jeff's eyes halfway between the T.V. and the camera, and the last is Jeff looking at the camera. Well, at least I got one good shot!

Happy crafting and Happy Holidays!

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