Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time Warp In The Bookstore

I'm not sure what I was thinking. I did my grocery shopping first and then stopped by the bookstore to "run in and run out". I was going to make it a quick trip. I knew which book I wanted and the general area of where it was located. Of course, when I got to the craft section, I was overwhelmed with all the books. It was like the shelves of fantastic crafting books went on for miles. Sewing, knitting, bookmaking, soap making, crafty business starting, embroidery, crocheting, quilting, paper making and the list goes on. I think I was in there for an hour looking at books, meanwhile, my groceries were melting in the car. I justified it by telling myself that it is rather chilly outside and the groceries will be fine. I think I could have stayed in there for at least another hour or even longer. I found so many great books and ended up with a different book than I went in there for in the first place.

I have added even more books to my list:

Chicks With Sticks- can't go wrong with your everyday knitting book!

Stencil Me In- I almost got this one. There are fantastic stencil patterns included. WONDERFUL book, I will certainly go back soon and get this one.

Handmade Nation- O.K., well I almost got this one too. I decided not to because I wanted to see the film first before I got the book, not sure why because I will probably go back and get the book before I see the film. This lady goes all over the U.S to film a documentary on crafty people. The crafty people she features in her movie are in this book. It is really fantastic. She has a blog...which makes it even more fantastic and goes along with my theme of the weekend, books and blogs. Check it out!

Indie Publishing: How to design and produce your own book- hey sis, I am thinking that we both need this book. You study up in the mountains and I will study up in the city...we will collaborate and make our own crafty book to blog about! Deal???

Simply Sublime Bags- a girl can NEVER have too many bags and there are sure a lot of cute ones in this book!

Simple Sewing- there are a lot of very sweet sewing projects in this book and the pictures are fabulous.

I also checked out Anna Maria Horner's book Seams To Me. I just about cried because the colors and pictures in this book are breathtaking! I love her.

The Domino Book of Decorating was just brilliant...I was tempted to purchase it but I settled for the magazine since mine has not come in the mail yet.

So, I ended up with the Domino magazine (as mentioned above) and The Crafter's Companion. I decided on The Crafter's Companion because (go figure) it kept with the theme of my weekend (I am such a cheese ball). It is a book about crafty people with links to their websites/blogs! Gotta love it! If Jeff were home he would be laughing at me. :-)

Well I am off to make cornbread and chili for my guests who will be arriving in about an hour! Im sooooo excited!

**So, moral of the day....go book shopping first, then go get your groceries.***

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