Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hallway Re-Do

I have been horrible about taking before pictures. The only before picture I have is of the bare hallway after I painted it gray. So, picture it off white and UGLY! 

It was hard to get good pictures of the "after" because the hall is narrow and it is rather cloudy outside since we got more snow today.

(I got the rug this weekend at Garden Ridge.) 

(I put up a wall decal which I love! I picked up the wall decal over here.)  

(I had this Kelly Rae Roberts canvas hanging in the bedroom and decided to move it to the hall.) 

(A closer picture of the decal. I decided to hang photos in and around the tree to make a "family tree" so to speak.) 

(I picked up the frames from the Dollar Store and the shadow boxes from Garden Ridge.) 

(I opened the guest bedroom door to provide a bit more light.)

I wish I could have gotten better shots but you get the idea. I want to make a yarn wreath to hand on the door  you see as you look straight down the hall. When I do I will post a picture. 

I hope to post the living room re-do this weekend if I can get everything done! 



Rebecca@This Present Life said...

The hallway looks great! I LOVE the tree decal! And what a fun idea to hang pictures in it! And do you know that I am in LOVE with Kelly Rae Roberts? I only have one of her paintings, but I totally want more! Have you been to her blog? Her house is amazing!

Melissa said...

Lizzie, this goods beautiful. I love the tree decal!

julie said...

It looks fabulous! I really love your wall decal. We have one in our guest room and it's the best purchase I ever made for that room. Nice job!

Angela said...

I love your family tree wall, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous grey! The perfect backdrop to the family tree.

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