Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Idiot's Guide On How To Make A Table Skirt

As a part of my new living room makeover, I made a round table skirt. I must give credit to my mother, she provided me with the instruction.

To start you need some fabric (obviously).  The amount of fabric you need depends on the size of the table. I used two 2 yard pieces for my table. Take one of the pieces and cut in half. To help myself, I took the fabric and folded it in half, ironed on the crease, then opened it back up so I had a perfect line down the middle. Then, I just cut on the line I pressed.

Now, you have 3 pieces of fabric. One big piece and the 2 half pieces you just cut. You are going to attach the smaller pieces of fabric on both sides of the big piece to make one humongous piece of fabric. Does that make sense?  Make sure to line up the grain of the fabric (or the print if you are using something with a print) that way the fabric is all facing the same direction.

Pin the the pieces together.

And sew.

Open up and iron the seams.

Now, you need to measure your table so you will know exactly how long the skirt will need to be to dust the floor after it is completed. To do this, cut a long piece of string or yarn (or a tape measure if you want to be really precise but no precision needed for this project!).

Place the string in the middle of the table

Cut the string where it touches the floor. Easy peasy! 

Then take that big piece of fabric and lay it down on the floor, right side down. Pin your string down in the center of the fabric. 

Now here comes the scientific part. Jeff was impressed with this.  Take the string and make a dot with a fabric pencil or pen at the end of the string. Move the string a few inches and make another mark. Do it again and again and again until you have come back to the first mark you made.

Then, la la la la connect the dots!! 

Cut along the line and then you have a gigantic circle! 

Pin up the hem and iron.

Sew the hem up.

And viola! You have  table skirt.

Run to your local glass cutter and have them cut a piece of glass to complete the project. 



CK said...

What a clever way to draw that big circle! The project turned out great and I love that green color!

rachel neil said...

Those are great instructions to sewing a table cloth, I wish I could sew..I can't sew by machine, only by hand, but that would be too much work.

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